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Creating annual reports that are read

Written by Paul Rogers On March 8, 2014

So you have structured your message to align with the latest thinking on sustainability, you can back up the key points with statistics, what else do you need to do?

The following is my checklist for creating a great first impression and to produce a report that is read.

An effective annual report needs to:

• Create a great first impression

• Avoid cliched designs

• Avoid carbon-copy designs

• Project your corporate personality

• Be relevant, topical and engaging

• Have content that is friendly, interesting and confident

• Create and use distinctive imagery

• Express the personality of the business

• Ensure detailed attention is paid to the typography of the accounts

At Saint John we treat each report as special, with the aim of producing a document in print and online that is unique, compelling, creative and authentic to the business of our client.

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