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Reaching people in a changing world

Written by Paul Rogers On March 8, 2014

We live in a changing world, a cluttered, chaotic place, where digital is ubiquitous and where people browse, share ideas and connect online, anywhere and at any time. This means content needs to be delivered all of the time, everywhere and across the right channels. Competition is intense and customers are fragmented. Purchase decisions are no longer linear or sequential, the relationship between brands and people is now more of a conversation than a shouted message. Communications need to be across channels, enabling people to reach out and their brand is there. With so many touch points, brands need to find ways to break through this clutter to succeed.

How do brands connect with people when they comprise of physical, digital and social? The successful companies of tomorrow will use technology to deliver more targeted brand touch points. They also need to find ways of communicating that inspire. They need creative ideas; to find fresh, original ways to engage with their audiences, if the ideas are not inspiring then the strategy becomes irrelevant. They need to market with precision so they can provide the right combination of, places, spaces, moments and messages to sell more. It is time for businesses to put brand at the centre of what they do. Brands need to inspire people to feel different, to influence, compel and persuade. If they don’t challenge the status quo, provide different thinking and inspire others, they will not succeed.

The analysis of data provides insights that help us to make the difficult decisions. By reviewing platforms, patterns of connection and segmented mapping decision journeys then informed decisions can be made. Clients need to know the opinions customers are sharing and the ways they are connecting. They need to know why they are behaving in the way they are and what the key points of influence are. The challenge is to identify the moments that shape decisions and re-evaluate and where necessary re-define customer journeys.

Clients need to combine strategic thinking with the power of imagination and creativity. At Saint John we help people share their ideas through creativity and imagination. We help our clients build stronger relationships with the people that count. We help brands communicate their purpose and inspire their customers to take part in the journey. We do this by finding fresh and imaginative ways to help businesses grow. We help brands create relationships. We build stronger connections between what clients stand for and what they sell. We get stakeholders to share our clients brands sense of purpose, find ways for people to take part in it, and to amplify it.

How are we different? We use research to check that our creative ideas are pointing in the right direction. We also provide joined up thinking to ensure that the different creative disciplines and communication channels link together to deliver a cohesive message with maximum effect.

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