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Blue sky thinking

CCM Group is a leading property company in Asia. They are building a new city in Jakarta, Indonesia. The project was to name and brand the city and key buildings and public spaces.

An investigation and analysis stage led to the formulation of strategy document which in turn formed the basis for the naming and branding exercise.

CCM looked for a name that resonated internationally and which reflected their aspirations for the city to be the next CBD. For inspiration we looked at different sources; the shape of the new development, the style of buildings, the heritage of the land (it is built near the old airport) and country and the ethos of the development, which is to achieve a balance of ‘live, work and play’.

The shortlisted names were then expressed as brand concepts and shown applied to commercial, residential and green spaces. The selected name ‘Sky City’ is now being applied to further manifestations and built into a brand architecture, including one of the largest exhibition and event centres in Asia.